Operational Excellence @ GVS

Training and development

Learning and Development are the key elements of our employee value proposition. The GVS's learning process gives employees the opportunity to develop and sharpen skills based on their roles and career aspirations. The training process provides training and development interventions along multiple dimensions including functional, process-related, and softer people management areas.

Quality Assurance

GVS's quality management professionals ensure we meet the highest standards of client service. These roles are integrated with operations and are responsible for rigorously monitoring accuracy, turnaround time and other key metrics. They provide feedback to the operations and identify opportunities for improvement of quality. As a result, we are successfully increasing productivity.

Technology innovation

Our technology team has extensive experience in applications, network management and technology operations. GVS supports cutting-edge processes for our clients; there is an increasing need for us to extend our scope to specific technology solutions. We have a dedicated team focused on exploring opportunities for clients to transform their operations by using managed services.

Risk management

GVS believes on strong information security management systems. Our approach is to segregate risks that need to be managed by line functions and those that need to be managed centrally. The GVS's Risk Management team works closely with our client's privacy officers to understand their privacy obligations. Along with the information security & privacy, GVS is also aligning its processes to manage the Business Continuity plan. Our team works closely with offshore and onshore process owners to assess continuity requirements and develop appropriate business continuity strategies.