Maintenance and Support

GVS provides Software maintenance and support services for the foreseeable future. You want a team that you know will be around to handle these needs. We have a strong team of system administrators, systems to preserve knowledge over multiples of years. We do this so you can focus on running your business and not on running your systems.

In software maintenance, the word maintenance involves activities on the developed and delivered software in order to correct errors, to improve performance or other attributes, or to acclimatize the product to a modified environment.

GVS has a vast experience in providing proficient software maintenance support services. We can efficiently provide enhancements; modification and product upgrade support services for your software.

GVS also provides offshore software maintenance services for organizations needing software maintenance and support. Software maintenance is an integral part of software development life cycle. We provide end-to-end outsourcing software maintenance services ensuring that issues related to software maintenance are resolved in a timely and efficient manner with minimum timeframe for critical applications.

GVS is well equipped in developing, maintaining and fixing bugs in software maintenance. With our vast expertise we provide our customers a dedicated team who perform the task at hand amid well defined procedures and methodologies.

Software maintenance services include:

  • Correcting errors (Bug Fixes) Our team analyzes and provides quality support and maintenance in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Product / Service Stabilization This service includes maintenance for enhancements due to change in hardware and software system or change in the working environment of the product.
  • Integration with New Application Our profession team is capable of seamless services and delivers scalable solutions that are in sync with the fast changing technologies.